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Wugil Walnut Charcoal - 1kg (25mm)

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It's no secret that coal is a very important component of a hookah. You can get a good smoking device, quality tobacco, but bad coal can ruin everything. In addition, the presence of harmful impurities in coal will quickly affect your health. A good hookah coal must meet the following parameters:
  • 100% natural composition
  • Long steady burning
  • No bad smell
  • Practicably no harmful evaporation's during combustion
  • Low carbon monoxide emissions
  • Lack of headache
  • Low ash
An alternative to coconut is coal made from walnut shells. Production is located in Ukraine, which is in the Top 5 countries for growing walnuts, most of which are cracked inside of country to get final product. So, there are plenty of walnut shells in Ukraine. The use of such raw materials and unique equipment allows you to get a product that in many respects is superior to coconut coal. Numerous experiments have led us to create environmentally friendly coal for hookah. We present to your attention a unique product - coal for a hookah based on the walnut shell WUGIL.

WUGIL is produced without adding any chemicals used to improve burning and obtain the required strength of the cube during combustion. The coal does not emit any unpleasant odors during inflame and burning. The absence of a headache after smoking is a consequence of the low amount of carbon monoxide and other harmful substances produced by burning the coal.

Premium hookah coal is obtained exclusively from walnut shells. Due to the high heat transfer, one refueling of the coal is enough for several hours of use. In its manufacture, no chemical additives are used, which minimizes emissions of harmful substances during coal combustion.- 1.1 kg netto- 80 cubes 25х25mm- Quick ignition- Acceptable ash- No chemical additives.

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