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Vortex Hookah Bowl

Black & Red
Blue & Green
Blue with AyamZaman design
White & Orange
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The Vortex Hookah bowl is taking the art of hookah smoking to a new level! This ingenious concept in hookah bowl design is similar to how the Phunnel Hookah Bowl works with the key difference of having the intake holes on the side of the center spire, as opposed to the top—no more airflow troubles! With no holes at the bottom of the bowl for the “shisha juice” to sluice through, more flavor is retained resulting in a longer lasting smoking session. The Vortex bowl holds around 25-30 grams of shisha flavour, is available in many colors, and will fit on most any hookah out there.

Note: Because the bottom opening on the Vortex Hookah Bowl is slightly larger than most traditional bowls, it's recommended to use 1 or 2 thick Mod Bowl Grommets for the best fit for your hookah.

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