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Target - Universal Stainless Steel Molasses Catcher

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This molasses catcher will work on all shishas. It is made of CNC Asis 204 Stainless steel. It has CNC treading which will mean less chance of cross threading. This also comes with an adaptor which will work on all shishas with a 16x1 thread such as the Matt Pear and Alpha.

Molasses catchers are made to to catch and contain any molasses syrup as well as tobacco leaves which may get stuck in your stem. This will help keep your stem clean.

All parts of the molasses catcher can be unscrewed for easy cleaning.

We advise you clean your molasses catcher after 3 uses. Ideally for the best session you would clean it after every session.

*** Please be sure to dry your molasses catch before screwing together. Also make sure the metal is all at the same temperature as metal will expand and contract when heated up or cooled down. ***

  • Molasses Catch
  • Threaded Adaptor
  • Brand: Target Shisha
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 0.15kg
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