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Tangiers Noir 250g Pack of 4 (Free Alpaca Suri Bowl)

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Tangiers Noir 250g Pack of Four (Free Alapca Suri Bowl)

An instant hot cocoa mix powder compared to Tangiers "Cocoa" is a sophisticated cocoa. The chocolate milk powder with the rabbit scent is a staff favourite.

This is a real find for lovers of floral and herbaceous aromas! Tangiers Noir Blitzsturm tobacco is a terrific aroma of lavender.This bright but unobtrusive floral aroma will help you create the perfect atmosphere for the most relaxing evening. This taste can be attributed to those that you should definitely try, as you will not often find lavender.

Its Like That One Breakfast Cereal
The special and incomparable taste leaves a pleasant sweet and sour aftertaste that you want to feel for as long as possible. Excellent tobacco for hookah Tangiers is an American quality that is felt in the taste, cut and strength of the tobacco mixture. The main feature of this product is the bright flavor of natural tobacco.

Mexican Mocha
Mexican Mocha is not merely a coffee, it has a taste of chocolate, cream and spice.

Alpaca Suri Bowl
Comparable to the Alpaca Predator Bowl & Alpaca Symphony bowl, the Suri shisha head is a phunnel bowl without the centre bridge full air flow.

The Alpaca Suri bowl is crafted with a wide gauge spire that reduces the restriction within you draw, so you won't have any pucker face sessions with this bowl. The special Alpaca clay blend provides a strong foundation with impressive heat retention to help extend your sessions.

Size & colour may vary due to the handmade nature of product.
What you get:
  • 1x Tangiers Noir Cocoa 250g
  • 1x Tangiers Noir Blitzsturm 250g
  • 1x Tangiers Noir Its Like That One Breakfast Cereal 250g
  • 1x Tangiers Noir Mexican Mocha 250g
  • 1x Alpaca Suri Bowl (Random Colour)
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