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Tangiers Noir Flavours 250g


Cane Mint - Cane Mint from Tangiers Hookah Tobacco is an intensely flavored Peppermint shisha flavor. The mint provides a very powerful cooling effect.
Of course, Cane Mint is an incredible mint flavor to mix with any other complementary flavors, but this is one of - or maybe the very best - mint flavors you can possibly smoke by itself.

Summer Resort - Tangier Summer Resort packs a crisp, refreshing cucumber flavor and blends it with just a touch of added fruit to smooth it out. It's a perfect flavor for when you're looking to smoke something lighter and more refreshing, but still want that dark leaf buzz.

Welsh Cream - Picture yourself as a coal on a hookah, with butterscotch trees and welsh creamy skies. Enter the sweet candy world of Tangiers' Welsh Cream shisha tobacco. If you're a fan of butterscotch pudding or candy, or a buttery cream flavor, this flavor needs to be in your bowl for your next smoke session. This shisha is full of flavor in every step of the pull, you taste it coming in, you taste it coming out, you will even taste it in the air. The Welsh Cream Tangiers will douse your next hookah session in flavor and also massive thunder clouds.

Horchata - Horchata from Tangiers is one of the fastest selling shisha tobacco flavours. This light, sweet flavor packs a powerful punch of deliciousness that will hit you right in the face.

Often made from rice, with a mixture of almonds, cinnamon and vanilla, this flavor recreates the sweet-rice flavor and the cinnamon flavor of a classic Mexican horchata drink. Some people describe it as rice pudding-like. Most people describe it as "Craze-mazing."

Peach Iced Tea - Peach Iced tea is a convenient blend of our special peach and Red tea flavor. The mix of flavors makes the flavor somewhat oily and somewhat complex, like tasting fresh peach iced tea.

Kashmir Black - Tangiers is back at it again with a new "kashmir" flavor, and just as we expected, it is packed full of spices! Alongside the heavily spiced kashmir notes, you will also taste a sweet, yet tart, blackberry that helps cut through some of that spice and helps brighten up the bowl.

2005 Blueberry - Welcome back Tangiers Blueberry! This classic flavor is a medium cut, dark and choppy, that features a nice sweet artificial blueberry smell. The blueberry flavor is like a blueberry muffin sort of blueberry taste, and the shisha also features some tobacco taste undertones. This is a mellow blueberry flavor that won't "Wow" anybody, but is certain to provide an enjoyable smoke session - featuring some massive clouds - and is a great mixer.

Melon Blend - Honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe. Very sweet.

Pineapple - Tangier Noir Pineapple.

Experimint - You know when you first start chewing a stick of spearmint gum and the flavor is super intense, so cool that your whole mouth feels fresh as a mountain spring? It's always tragic when that intense flavor leaves the gum you're chewing.

Imagine if that flavor never faded, that's basically what you get with the Experimint Tangiers flavor of shisha tobacco. For all you mint lovers out there, this is a must-try flavor. In addition to powerful spearmint flavor this hookah tobacco produces some awesome thunderclouds.

Blue Gumball 2.0 - Blue gum ball 2.0 is a slightly tart candy-like blueberry flavour. It resembles the flavour from a cheap coin-machine gumball. The flavour blends surprisingly well with other fruity flavours including pineapple, raspberry, and regular blueberry.

Papaya Sorbet - Tangiers Papaya Sorbet has a sweet and fruity smell with a taste like Tropical Fruit and Mango.

Kashmir Guajava - The newest Kashmir line from Tangiers has rich Tropical sweet taste of Guava interestingly combined with other Tropical tastes and Melon.

Kosmik - Tangier Noir Kosmik Tobacco is the newest addition to our premium shisha collection. It is made in the US with US tobacco with no artificial color added. This is a dark tobacco that smokes heavy. It is recommended to use light coals.

Pink Grapefruit - Delicate aroma and delicate taste of juicy sweet and sour grapefruit.

Mixed Fruit #6 - Hookah tobacco is a new blend of tropical fruits by Tangiers. The passion fruit flavor is dominant in this mix, and you'll smell it right after you open the pack of this shisha.

Summer Solstice Celebration - Tangiers hookah tobacco Summer Solstice Celebration is characterized by a successful combination of the best flavoring properties of sweet guava and fresh watermelon. At the same time, the Guava taste is very expressive, and the watermelon plays the role of a light background.

Mimon - Tangier Mimon tobacco flavour has a bit stronger mint smell when opened, but it is a solid mix of sweet candy lemon and rich mint, making a really resilient, but easy to smoke flavor. The clouds with the Mimon are not massive, but large enough to have some fun with.

Maraschino Cherry - A bright cherry flavor that is complemented by floral-lemon notes, this is what Tangiers Birquq tobacco Maraschino Cherry (Marachino Cherry). The aroma of this tobacco is difficult to compare with something heard previously - it conquers with its wealth and variety. As for the taste, it is sweet enough, for some it’s even a little cloying.

However, in any case, this mix deserves the highest marks and is an unambiguous TOP. Each taste is original and pleasant in its own way, but they all have one thing in common - the natural smack of tobacco, which is clearly felt during smoking.

Wintergreen - Wintergreen consists of a powerful cooling mint that contains notes of a wintergreen gum flavor. If you're a true mint fanatic, load up a bowl of this flavor solo and you'll be satisfied. But for anybody else out there that doesn't want to smoke this solo, try mixing Wintergreen in with other flavors to add a unique, minty feel to your session.

Chocolate Iced Cream - Tangiers Chocolate Iced Cream hookah tobacco a feel deliciously sweet aroma with hints of chocolate, a milky touch, and a light, pleasant chill.

French Jelly - Every cherry lover should have this taste, ripe, maroon with hints of spice, reminds soda, Pepper, goes well with chocolate and mint flavours.

Tasty Peach - Tangiers Tasty Peach shisha tobacco is a sweet peach flavor, oilier, somewhat sweet, with good humidity resistance and endurance. It smells like straight peach, and it features a decently strong peach flavor. This produces some really great clouds.

New Lime - The Tangiers version of Lemon-Lime shisha tobacco is a strong, pedal-to-the-metal mixture of zesty lemon and lime flavors. A classic mixture that is certain to tingle your taste buds and give you that fresh citrus taste that refreshes. The lime is slightly more powerful than the lemon in this shisha tobacco mix, but in a pleasant way that does not detract from the overall citrus taste. The lemon is more prevalent on the inhale, and the lime reveals itself in a big way on the exhale. The tobacco cut is shorter and very juicy, producing some very nice sized clouds for you to enjoy during your smoke sessions.

Blackberry - Tangier Noir Blackberry has a taste of sweetness, acidity and freshness of a natural berry! And the unsurpassed sweet aftertaste will lead even the most sophisticated hookah lovers in an indescribable delight.

Lemon Tea - Tangiers Lemon Tea hookah tobacco is a sweet, refreshing blend that reminds of a sugary tea with a fresh squeeze of lemon.

Blitzsturm - This is a real find for lovers of floral and herbaceous aromas! Tangiers Noir Blitzsturm tobacco is a terrific aroma of lavender.This bright but unobtrusive floral aroma will help you create the perfect atmosphere for the most relaxing evening. This taste can be attributed to those that you should definitely try, as you will not often find lavender.

Kiwi - Its Kiwi !! - Great by itself or even with mint or pineapple for a tropical mix.

Guajava - Tangiers Guajava is a tropical guava hookah tobacco flavor. The smell of this shisha is extremely sweet and thick. Tangiers is black leaf tobacco and provides stronger buzz than average washed tobacco.

Guanabana - Soursop fruit! If you re still lost it s a creamy fruit with some sour notes

Tuscan Cantaloupe - Tangiers Tuscan Cantaloupe brings to life a sweet melon taste, without the use of other melon flavoring like their classic Melon Blend.

Indian SummerTangiers Indian Summer tobacco is a cool mix of cherry and lemon, combined with soft floral shades, goes great in solo.

Brambleberry - Tangier Noir Brambleberry taste like that of a grandmother's blackcurrant jam from childhood. Sweet sour, very saturated and cool.

Tropical Punch - This doesn't smell like that high fructose corn syrup topical punch juice, here you have the real stuff! It also tastes just like tropical punch with some great flavor that doesn't smack your taste buds around. The flavor features hints of some other Tangiers flavors, like cherry, pineapple, and some floral undertones.

Tropical Revenge - A seasonal flavor blend, Tropical Revenge Tangiers shisha tobacco. This shisha is a mixture of pineapple, pear and orange flavors. The orange slightly dominates the pineapple, with the pear being more of a side flavour (but we love it all the same). The mixture of flavours gives Tropical Revenge some complexity and some high quality humidity resistance.

The flavour endurance of this shisha is also very good. It is moderately sweet and has medium oiliness, but the flavor is more than average for flavor strength. On top of all these great qualities the Tropical Revenge shisha tobacco produces absolutely massive clouds to keep you entertained throughout your entire smoke session.

Midnight Orchard AppleTangiers Tobacco has released their Midnight Orchard Apple, which is inspired by the traditional flavor of double apple. You can expect the sweet taste of red and green apples, along with distinct undertones of anise (licorice).

A true tobacco aftertaste, that's what you can count on when smoking tobacco for Tangiers hookah. The popularity of the American hookah clogging is ensured by the excellent product quality and excellent smoking properties. The abundant puffs of smoke that are obtained in the process of smoking a hookah will not leave indifferent any smoker.

Jamaica - Tangiers Jamaica Noir - a very fruity and summer taste, reminiscent of fruit hibiscus. The notes of cherries, strawberries, and raspberries are clearly felt. The taste is bright and rich.

Kashmir - Kashmir is a unique ingredient found in many flavors of American Tangiers tobacco blends. Its taste is a little malleable, richly sweet, and pleasant. Even more striking is the rich and vibrant aroma of tobacco Tangiers Noir Kashmir (Kashmir) - 250 grams. The mixture is perfect for smoking solo and will become an indispensable ingredient in strong mixes.

Dark Cherry - Every cherry lover should have this taste, ripe, maroon with hints of spice, reminds soda,. Pepper, goes well with chocolate and mint flavours.

Chocolate Mint - Tangiers Chocolate Mint hookah tobacco has a rich aroma of chocolate and mint. It tastes like real milk chocolate and fresh notes of menthol. Peppermint perfectly cools the draft on inspiration. Good in solo and in the mix.

Static Starlight - Tangiers Static Starlight  is interesting grape-flavored hookah tobacco with light floral notes that are very gentle and don't take over the entire flavor palette. Some people smell a rose blended with berries in this shisha flavor. Tangiers is not recommended for beginners as it's stronger than most of hookah tobacco brands on the market.

Weight: 250g

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