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Tangiers F-Line Flavours 250g

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Tangiers F-Line has limited flavours which are infused with caffeine. Be sure to check out our F-Line for a unique smoking experience.

Orange Soda - a great taste of orange soda (Fanta, Mirinda). In general, it is very consistent with the name, a rather juicy orange, without candy, sweet and sour. Cool taste.

Strawberry - Bright and saturated, such tobacco rarely leaves anyone indifferent. Cutting it is small, however, the consistency is quite viscous, so it’s recommended to hammer the hookah bowl with a fork, loosening tobacco a little. Fragrant summer berry is excellently presented in tobacco Tangiers F-Line  Strawberry great to smoke solo. For those who like to mix their own tastes, you can try creating strawberries based on awesome cocktail with milk, mint and berry notes.

Passionfruit - Taste of the famous tropical fruit is revealed especially well. Pleasant sweet, but not sugary notes, are well complemented by light astringency and subtle sourness.

Weight: 250g

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