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Tangiers Burley Cane Mint B

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Cane Mint from Tangiers Hookah Tobacco is an intensely flavoured Peppermint shisha flavor. The mint provides a very powerful cooling effect. 

Of course, Cane Mint is an incredible mint flavor to mix with any other complementary flavors, but this is one of - or maybe the very best - mint flavors you can possibly smoke by itself.
Tangiers Burley is unwashed tobacco that boasts even higher nicotine levels than the original Noir line, and powerful flavors that will last a long time and make for one incredible hookah session. Because Tangiers Burley is unwashed, the tobacco flavor will be much more evident, though it won't completely overwhelm the other delicious flavors that Tangiers has produced in this shisha. If you're looking for a more intense hookah experience, Tangiers Burley has you covered.
Weight : 250 gms
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