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Steamulation PRO Series Black

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This is the PRO series and not to be mistaken for the cheaper classic series

(Comes bundled with silicone hose, and Steamulation Carbon Hose tip)

The Steamulation Pro Series enables the advanced hookah user to individually create his favorite smoking experience!

Steamulation Airflow Control

The Steamulation Pro Series allows our customers to individually adjust their airflow! This is made possible by our new Steamlation Airflow Control. You can rotate the V2A stainless steel hose adaptors steplessly to find your favorite airflow setup. Since we fully integrated the system, there is no need for additional adaptors, it is completely self-reliant.

Steamulation Dip Tube Control

With our new Dip Tube Control you can shorten or lengthen your Dip Tube. The 10 step – adjustable Dip Tube helps to further optimize your Airflow.

Steamulation Purge Pro

Steamulation Purge Pro Allows user to purge the hookah with all valve balls mounted by simply pressing down the smoke column.

These features are in addition to the classic features such as the SteamClick 360 System, the combination of these features makes it possible to have nearly infinite configurations which ensure that everyone finds his favorite setup!

Steamulation Pro – The hookah with the world most features and configuration possibilities!

Box Includes:

  • 1x Steamulation Pro Platinum
  • 1x V2A Hose Adaptor (18.8)
  • Unique Serialnumber

What we give you additionally from us :

  • Steamulation Carbon Mouthpiece  (worth £35)
  • Premium grade soft touch silicone hose (worth £9)

Technical Details:

  • Vase colour: Black
  • Height: 52 cm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Vase diameter: 24 cm
  • Removeable Diffusor
  • Recommended filling capacity: 1.2 – 1.4 Liter
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