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Steamulation Classic Pro X Clear

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The Steamulation Pro X Series allows customers to customize the flow of their shisha at each hose connection with the Steamulation Airflow Control. The V2A stainless steel hose connectors are continuously rotatable and allow a precise adjustment of the airflow. Due to the complete integration, no further adapters are required and the system can be adjusted to the preferences of each user while enjoying the smoke.

With the new Dip Tube Control you can determine the length of the dip tube yourself. You have an 8-step adjustment option available. By shortening or lengthening it, you can customize the puff intensity of your hookah even further.

The unique Purge Pro two-way-valves allow any user to easily blow out the bowl. All valves used work automatically in both directions (smoke & blow).

Just great: airtightness and airflow are always perfect. There is no need to adjust the valves.

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