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Starbuzz Vintage Flavours 80g

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Ginkco - Ginkco packs a wallop of flavorful intricacies and tones. Upon smoking this flavor, we immediately catch notes of honey, ginger and a light sprinkle of mint.

Honey Dew Me - Packed full of flavor and tantalizingly refreshing, its velvety flavour entices and enchants. You can pack this shisha however you want, the denser you pack the more intense the flavor and strength of the tobacco will be. Or feel free to fluff your pack like any regular Starbuzz shisha for a lighter smoking experience. Try both to get a broad experience, and a full understanding of the flavour.

Shanghai Passion - We took the intrigue and mystery of the Far East and transformed it into a glamorous flavor highlighting the finest citrus and herbs. Shanghai Passion by Starbuzz Vintage is a citrus flavored shisha highlighted by its herbal taste. Get your Starbuzz Vintage Shanghai Passion 80g today!

Fresh Lime - Bursting with bright notes of a refined fresh, yet sweet, lime Vintage Fresh Lime is complimented by the smooth dark taste of Vintage tobacco.

White Mist - Elegantly refined, White Mist is brushed with wisps of subtle fruits draped in a body of cream.

Peach Spice - Allow us to introduce a delicate peach fruit profile, which packs a punch with its cunningly spiced notes. Vintage Peach Spice is exotically unique and delicately fruity.

Tiramisu - This gem of a flavor delivers Creamy flavour with notes of Coffee and Java.

Root Beer - Upon the first smelling of Root Beer from Starbuzz's Vintage line, memories of the county fair flood our brains as we remember the homemade root beer stand! Spiced and sweet all at the same time, this shisha flavor will be sure to bring back nostalgic memories of that classic soda.

Colombian Spice - This robust Colombian coffee blend is not only incredibly stout and buzzy, but also smooth and flavorful. This powerful coffee blend gives off cinnamon notes throughout the smoking session, and makes for a relaxing morning hookah. Smelling the shisha in the can is like sticking your nose in a freshly opened bag of Colombian coffee beans. Seriously. The coffee aroma is so overwhelming, that it may be the new "best part of waking up."

Spice Me Red - Indulge yourself in a fantastic fusion of sweet, red berries with a kiss of delicate spice to bring it all together.

Dark Mist - The evolved taste of dark berry infused with our world-famous Mist results in a classy, fruity flavor that everyone can appreciate.

Sweet CagarThis gem of a flavour delivers a distinct, natural sweetness created by balancing rich, smoky tobacco notes and a sweetness that is smooth as silk.

Dark Vanilla - Experience the alluringly robust and creamy, rich notes of natural vanilla in its finest form.

Morning BreezeIt really doesn't matter what time of day you wake up, now you can always start your day with a refreshing Morning Breeze!  Wake up to a comforting full-bodied brew of a mellow yet sweeter tea. This blend is another fantastic combo by Starbuzz Vintage, featuring a sweet and sour lemon chai tea flavor that will woo you as much as it will wow you.

Dark Caribbean - Playfully mischievous and peculiar in all the sweetest ways, get carried away by the darker side of what the tropics have to offer. This shisha flavor though loosely based on Starbuzz's wildly famous Pirate's Cave (if you haven't guessed by now), is a unique flavor all its own. When you open a can of Dark Caribbean shisha, get ready to get hit in the face with an overwhelming pineapple, citrus, coconut blend mixed into a robust dark leaf tobacco.

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