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Starbuzz Tri-Cut Coconut Charcoal - 72Pcs

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Starbuzz Tri-Cut Coconut Charcoals are the newest charcoals to hit the market. They are cut to fit most hookah HMD devices perfectly. These are great natural charcoals if you have a Lotus, Provost, or NAR and any other HMD device on the market.

This Tri Cut Coconut Charcoal is 100% natural derived from coconut shells and is Eco friendly. Each circle is cut into 3 triangles for ideal placement and separation on bowls for controlled heat.


  • Includes 72 pieces
  • 100% Natural Coconut Derived Hookah Charcoal
  • Round, Tri Cut Tablet Coals Specially Contoured For Hookah Bowls
  • Lowest Ash Content on the Market, AT less Than 3%

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