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Starbuzz Shisha Flavours 100g

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Blue Mist - Blue Mist from Starbuzz is refined and is one of the smoothest flavours you will ever smoke. A flavour that really explodes with thick smoke.

Pink - Starbuzz Pink is a mysteriously smooth shisha that hints a light raspberry. A very smooth smoke, it glides across your tongue. Pink is a shisha crafted from the years of hookah experience and success that only Starbuzz has.

Code 69 - Code 69 is a Vegas night wrapped in hookah smoke and a cool fruit punch flavour mixed with thick clouds of tart citres. An innocently wild but refined taste.

Pirates Cave - A very strong lemon-lime flavour, Pirates Cave has a worldwide fan club. It's as sweet as it is tangy.

Pina Colada - Starbuzz Pina Colada is a sweet, yet dry, hookah flavour. Controlled Pineapple, coconut, and vanilla overtones make a sweet hookah flavour stay perfectly balanced and easily smoked.

Coco Jumbo - Coco Jumbo is a delicious mix of both coconut and lime will make smoking this feel like your on a beach in the Caribbean.

Safari Melon Dew - Safari Melon Dew is filled with a smooth melon flavour that is the boldest melon you have ever smoked.

Pineapple - Pineapple is a deliciously dry pineapple tasting shisha. It's not as sweet as often expected but still delicious.

Citrus Mist - Citrus Mist is a perfectly balanced, smooth flavour that consistently sprinkles citrus, particularly lemon, across your tongue.

Melon Blue - Melon Blue is making heads turn and mouths water. Sweet and smooth, this flavour will rock your world!

Sex On The Beach - Sex on the Beach combines lemons, oranges, and citrus combination to make a refreshing vibrant and alive taste for your hookah.

Strawberry Margarita - Strawberry Margarita carries a spicy kick behind the lemon and citrus undertones being covered by strawberry.

Irish Peach - Irish Peach is a lend of peach with notes of creamy, citrus, and spiced tastes.

Green Savior (PAAN) - THIS IS PAAN, PROBABLY THE BEST PAAN YOU'LL EVER HAVE! Get in touch with the earth and its tradition with Green Savior. Green Savior is a product of an age old spice which is completely unique in every way shape and form.

Geisha Bold - Starbuzz Bold Geisha shisha flavour will tantalise you with it's subtle beauty. Serving up smooth notes of peach, with a hint of minty "mist", Starbuzz Geisha hookah flavour will keep you intrigued for a long time.

Mighty Freeze - Mighty Freeze shisha flavour is packed with tons of lemon tartness and icy spearmint. Hints of lemon drop candy is meld perfectly with menthol freshness to give you a delicious burst of chilly fruit flavour.

French Orange - This Bold flavour from Starbuzz Flavour is making delicious waves with a delightful orange sherbet taste that mixes in hints of vanilla and graham crackers. Imagine taking an orange creamsicle and covering it with vanilla wafer crumbs and you start to get the delicious idea.

Simply Mint (Frost Bite) - The powerful yet slightly sweet punch of exhilarating cooling peppermint is sure to make this a staple in your hookah diet.

Tangerine Dream (Tangi Dream) - Tangerine Dream tastes like an orange soda that is always as refreshing as the first sip.

Raspberry (Razzy) - Raspberry is a sweet flowing succulent flavour that tastes like raspberry juice on your tongue.

Watermelon Freeze (Wet Meli Freeze) - Watermelon and Mint have been two flavours which go together like peanut butter and jelly. We took this popular mix and added special spin to it making for one of the most refreshing, ice-cold, Watermelon smokes you've ever experienced.

Pack of 5 flavours includes

  • Flavour: Pirate's Cave, Golden Grape (Golden Gee), Mighty Freeze, Simply Mint (Frost Bite), Grape Freeze (G Freeze)
  • Size: 5x 100g
  • Free Starbuzz Phunnel Bowl (Random Colour)

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