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Starbuzz Serpent Flavours 80g

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The Starbuzz Serpent collection has arrived for the fans of dark leaf blends and big buzzes. This lineup features robust kettle cured tobacco cut that delivers a delicious texture with unique flavor mixes.

This dark leaf tobacco can produce a strong buzz and it's recommend that moderate to advance hookah smokers indulge in these tasty blends. Each flavor can be enjoyed in almost any style of hookah bowl in your collection.

Bohemian - Did you know you can improve this flavor by smoking it on a Bohemian base? Syke! Fresh gum.

Sin City - What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City, except for this banana. Who brought this banana back?

Skull - It's not double apple but it's the closes thing you'll get to it out this lineup, sweet and dark licorice.

Rogue - Gambit would approve of this fine honey dew flavor profile. (Add a little Megawatt for a nice blend)

After Burner - At the end of the day this blend wakes you up with a coconut and banana mixture plus mint.

Crow - Easily one of our favorite blends from the series is this delicious lemon mint flavor.

Kathmandu - If you can't figure out what to smoke and happen to make eye contact with this monkey, he'll decide on the flavor.

Mad DogWe're glad they didn't go for the beer flavor profile, but this mix gives us the grapefruit we've been looking for intertwined with a dark citrus mint.

Lioness - When's the last time you had a strawberry milkshake? This blend might not be as sweet as the real deal, but the creamy notes come through with precision.

New Amsterdam - It's better than the old one because it has orange cream. We think it tastes exactly like red twizzlers.

Crimson Fox - The Crimson Fox roars with a natural peach and exhales a smooth berry.

Gee Spot - A You read that right, and you couldn't possibly guess this blend. It could be desire or just how you start your day, but this cinnamon vanilla mix reminds us of horchata.

Sting Mint - Unlike the Vintage release Serpent has one of the smoothest mints right out the gate.

Megawatt - 10000 watts of lemonade need we say more?

Kings Tea - A easy staff favorite that fills our warehouse with a nice earl grey aroma and a kick of fuzzy peach.

Cobra Khan - If you next day air this flavor there would be snakes on a plane. Once it arrives the blueberry aroma fills the room with a mint undertone, and grape joins the party.

Shishi - Mixed between the banana and smooth blueberry is a floral note, can you figure it out?

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