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Starbuzz Paradigm Bowl

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The use of Silicone hookah bowls has taken off in the hookah industry, and guess who decided to take this concept and improve it? Starbuzz, and this is one of their first bowls from their new silicone series. We have seen a rise in hookah smokers around the world utilizing silicone hookah bowls, because of one main beneficial reason, they will never break. Starbuzz uses a high grade of medical grade silicone, and this has resulted in one of the heaviest silicone bowls on the market.

The Paradigm bowl measures at 4" in height, and it boast a 3" diameter. You could drop this bowl from a two story building, and there is a small chance that it may bounce right back up to you. Of course this does nothing for your smoking experience, but you will be delighted to have a bowl that can withstand high heat and heavy impact. This bowl will not require the use of a grommet, and with the use of silicone, it will be cool to touch at any point during your session.

Paradigm Bowl Design
The Starbuzz Paradigm bowl design contains the aesthetics of multiple hookah bowls on the market, and it will stand out in any bowl collection. This new silicone bowl design will have the benefits of a standard phunnel bowl, with deep curves within the interior and a raised center section. The curved interior will prevent most of your excess shisha juice from entering your hookah shaft or base, and the individual quadrants allow for an ease in making new combinations of flavor.

The Paradigm has a central air channel design, that mimics the style of an Egyptian and Tangiers Super Chief bowl. This raised middle section will aid you in keeping your shisha juice inside your bowl, and it will also provide you with a slight increase in airflow compared to a standard Egyptian bowl. Taking a look at the Paradigm bowl from the top view, you'll notice that the silicone blades on the interior create a crosshair design. These 4 thick blades connect straight to the raised middle portion, and the blades warm up with the bowl to give you an evenly cooked session.

How-to Use The Paradigm Bowl
The Paradigm contains a deep interior that can hold around 18-25 grams of shisha, and depending on your packing method, there will be space for more shisha tobacco. In our test sessions with this bowl we used a fluff pack method, loading the bowl up to the edge line with a slight pat down. This session provided us with great clouds, and a solid flavor that required little heat management. The second time around we used a dense packing method, and really focused on loading into the 4 individual sections. The session resulted in a increased longevity, while our airflow and clouds remained at the same levels. You will be required to load over the air channels, so make sure to test your airflow before applying your heat management. We suggest using your foil poker to prevent any blockage, or a slight shake to the bowl after applying tinfoil.

This Starbuzz silicone bowl can be used with either tin foil or the kaloud lotus, and both options serve up as a perfect fit. The lotus will not rest inside your bowl like the Samsaris, but the 3" diameter will provide enough space for the lotus to rest comfortably. So whatever your heat management preference maybe, you will have no problem getting the perfect session started.
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