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Starbuzz NAR Heat Management with X1 Coal Burner and 15pcs Coconut Charcoal

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This bundle includes Starbuzz NAR Heat Management Head & Shishagear X1 Coal Burner with 15pcs Coconut Charcoal.

Starbuzz is proud to introduce the NAR Head, a heat management system intent on giving hookah enthusiasts more control over the charcoal and flavor output used in their smoke sessions.

The NAR Head is made with heavy-duty construction that uses conduction and convection to transfer heat. The built-in thermometer allows you to monitor your hookah session to a degree—precisely! Smoke sooner by pre-heating the bottom plate on a coil burner while warming your charcoal.

Get your natural coal up easily using a coil hot plate. Flip coals to light them up evenly. Small and portable, and easy to clean.

Please note that the hot plate works best in 10 minutes cycles, where you should not heat up the coil for longer then 10 minutes at a time, and allow it cool between uses. This will increase the life of the coil. It is Supplied with 3 pin standard plug.

NOTE: This is an electric coil hot plate. Its intended use is for cooking and not lighting coal. Using this or any electric hotplate for lighting coal will eventually destroy the hot plate, we therefore will not warrant this product if used for lighting coal.

Cocobuzz Coconut Charcoal is 100% Eco-friendly, lasts up to 1.5 hours, has absolutely no odour when fully lit, 0% Chemical additives, and has the lowest ashing content in the market.

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Themomoter for precise readings
  • No charcoal ashing on tobacco ever
  • Immediate session preheat with your coal
  • Detachable rubber handles
  • Coals stay lit no black outs
  • Can Preheated before use
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