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Starbuzz Cocobuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoal Lounge Pack (10kg) with X1 Version 2 Coal Burner

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Coco Buzz 2.0 Natural Hookah Coals are a supersized version of the original Coco Buzz Coals. They are a 100% natural hookah coal which are made from compressed coconut husks. Most hookah coals will last 45 minutes to an hour but these new jumbo sized coals will last you up to an hour and half making them the perfect coal for party bowls.

Get your natural coal up easily using a coil hot plate. Flip coals to light them up evenly. Small and portable, and easy to clean. It is supplied with 3 pin standard plug.

  • Type - Cocobuzz 2.0
  • 72 cubes per pack, 10 packs, total 720 cubes per box, 10kg box
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