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Shishagear SV Tangiers Silver Gold Hookah Set

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Shishagear SV Tangiers Silver Gold Hookah Set includes Silver Gold Hookah Stem, Jumbo Hookah vases, Bowl and a Long handle Shisha hose. Conquer your smoking session with SV Tangiers Silver Gold Hookah Stem that gives an impressive look regardless of which base you decide to attach it to. This stem combines durability and classic decoration of the ancient Middle East and features beautiful Byzantine engraving and classic design.

The Jumbo Hookah vases are bigger than the standard traditional vases allowing for much more smoke to build up inside the vase and providing quite a rumble when smoking your hookah. They also make for a very stable hookah and they are ideal for taller stems even though they work on short stems just as well.

Long handle Shisha hose constructed from a tough non rusting material allowing you to hold the actual hose in a more natural, lower resting position reducing effort while allowing for great air flow and thick smooth shisha smoking experience.
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