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Shishagear SV Cafe Hookah Set

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Shishagear SV Cafe Hookah Set includes Cafe Hookah Stem with an ash tray, Jumbo Egyptian Style Hookah Vase, Bowl and Laminate Hose. Cafe Hookah Stem is Made of stainless-steel, this hookah is built to last. Stainless-steel is highly durable, and will never suffer from rust or corrosion. The downstem, also made from stainless-steel will never retain annoying shisha flavor profiles that ruin the taste of future smoke sessions. It was designed with performance in mind. its built with a focus on style. while the ultra wide gauge stainless steel tubing and inner connections provide you a draw smoother than you could ever imagine.

The Jumbo Hookah vases are bigger than the standard traditional vases allowing for much more smoke to build up inside the vase and providing quite a rumble when smoking your hookah. They also make for a very stable hookah and they are ideal for taller stems even though they work on short stems just as well.

Khalil Mamoon hookah hoses are laminated for extra protection. They come in solid colors and have the Khalil Mamoon Logo in Arabic on the handle as well as a metal KM tag.
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