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Shishabucks Sky Bowl Mini

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Shishabucks Sky Bowls is a high quality phunnel style Hookah Bowl. Made with Anodized aluminium, and a silicon sleeve, it provides an easy to use and good smoking experience.

Comes in two sizes: Regular holds 20-25 grams of shisha (depends on the pack) and can last 1-1.5 hours. Mini holds 10-15 grams of shisha and can last 40 minutes – 1 hour.

Aluminium evenly cooks the shisha from all sides while silicone retains the heat and allows safe handling.

Compatible with all heat manager devices on the market via a special groove on the rim.

Coloured anodizing coating (except natural silver colour) might fade overtime due to heat exposure.

  • Height – 65 mm
  • Width – 80 mm
  • Lip diameter – 76 mm
  • Chamber diameter – 16 mm
  • Maximum grommet opening – 22 mm
  • Weight – 225 grams
  • Materials: 6000-series aluminium with anodizing coating and heat-resistant silicone with matte finish
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