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Savacco Shisha Flavours 1kg

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Savacco hookah tobacco has released the finest of most famous flavours in shisha molasses. the most conspicuous feature of tobacco is the unique texture, its recipe was specially developed for extra long smoking pleasure. all shisha tobacco is steeped for at least 2 weeks before being packaged in order to achieve the perfect flavour strength throughout each smoking session.

Purple Rain - Savacco Purple Rain has a taste of english blueberry with a refreshing cool mint.

Mayfair - Savacco Mayfair has a magical blend taste of rose, lemon and orange.

Ikonic - The Ikonic Grape and Mint, perfectly balanced to bring this age old classic to a new level, making this the new standard for Grape and Mint!

Frozen Smurf - Savacco Frozen Smurf has an Intense sweet infusion taste of wild berries.

Black Mamba - Savacco Black Mamba has an exciting blend taste of berry with succulent peach and a touch of mint.

Mellow Haze - Savacco Mellow Haze has a tantalising iced sweet melon slush taste.

Frozen - Savacco Frozen Apple has a refreshing mix taste of green apple with a cooling exhale.

6IX Blend - The Master blenders at Savacco have done it again, A refreshing Watermelon blend with Spearmint gum, that will keep you coming back for more.

G6 On The Rocks - An explosion of bittersweet citrons and black mint.

Superstar - Savacco Superstar has a taste of ripe and sweet citrus fruits with a delicate touch of black mint.

Blue Print - The Master blenders at Savacco have done it again, Blueberry Iced Lemonade.

Magna Carta - Savacco Magna Carta has a taste of exotic crushed limes with a cooling touch of Wild Mint.

Swish - The Master blenders at Savacco have done it again, a perfect blend of Icey Dragon Fruit and Pomegranate

Assassins Green - Assassins Green flavour has a taste of Lime candy blended with Kiwi Slush.

Pynk Myst - Pynk Myst has a Sweet Peach with icy black grape and black current.

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