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Quasar Foyer Thermique Raas X Social Smoke Head

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The Quasar Raas x Social Smoke is an all-in-one thermal fireplace, in fact, the Quasar Raas x Social Smoke combines a very thick borosilicate glass fireplace and a heating system called an oven.

This is the ultimate version of Quasar, in association with the famous tobacco brand Social Smoke, offering exceptional flavour rendering as well as a very long session duration and ease of use. Indeed the Quasar Raas x Social Smoke has a patented air flow system having the particularity of regulating the heat without having to touch its coals or its heating system.

The Quasar Raas x Social Smoke household consumes approximately 18 grams of tobacco. This borosilicate glass hearth is very thick, the advantage of glass is that it offers an excellent rendering of flavour. Thermal shocks should be avoided with this fireplace, so it is important to let it cool after its session before cleaning it.

This heating system can be used with only two 26 mm carbon brushes.

The Quasar Raas x Social Smoke is supplied in a box containing the Quasar Raas x Social Smoke and instructions for use.

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