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Orden Tesla Black in Black Hookah

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The Orden Hookah Tesla Back In Black hookah is a model of the Russian manufacturer Orden Hookah, composed of materials in wood, stainless steel and nylon fiber. By expelling the smoke from your chamber during smoking, you will enjoy a perfect aesthetic, due to its vertical purge.

This Hookah Order is manufactured inside with stainless steel, which allows the durability of its threads. For the cladding, it uses handmade wood, and its chamber is made of nylon fiber, as well as its removable diffuser. This hookah will give us a great performance due to its traditional chamber, with an open smoking sensation.

General characteristics:
  • 60 cm high with base approximately.
  • With removable nylon fiber diffuser by thread.
  • The body of this hookah is disassembled into 6 pieces per thread. The connection of the body with the base is made by pressing with a rubber. The neck is made as a single piece of stainless steel and black wood.
Clean each piece after use, taking special care with the wooden pole.

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