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Schmand Weg shisha Cleaning Powder

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Schmand Weg is the most effective cleaning agent for shisha when it comes to cleaning glass. Originally intended for cleaning bongs and other water pipes, it has proved to be extremely effective in cleaning the glass parts of hookahs.

Schmand Weg powder is a cleaning product specifically designed for glass items (whether it is a fully glass hookah or a classic hookah with a glass vase). This shisha cleaning product will notably allow you to get rid of the trace of dirt that constantly returns along the water level of your vase.

The use of Schmand Weg powder is particularly simple. You just need to put two tablespoons of shisha cleaner in your vase, fill it with water and let the product act for about 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

Schmand Weg cleaner neutralizes bad odors and will restore your shisha's shine and cleanliness. Precaution for use, take care to avoid any contact with the skin and the eyes. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of ingestion, contact the nearest poison control center immediately.

Schmand Weg cleaner is not suitable for metal parts of hookahs. 

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