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Moe’s ONES S Hookah Matt Anthracite

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The ONE'S S, the little, cool brother of the popular ONE'S is here! Characterized by absolute clarity, emotional design and special coolness! Choose one of the ONE'S S and enjoy the special smoking, no matter how and where you are. Stable, functional and exciting - for anyone who wants to discover shisha enjoyment with the highest quality and innovation.

Stable and authentic, as strong as never before! The glass bowl of the ONE'S S has a simple and special shape, compact and strong!

The shisha base and glass body of the ONE'S S are connected by a three-start thread. This connection is easy to use, very fast and wear-resistant for all parts. Put it on, turn it briefly and you're done!

Intensity of the venting on the hookah adjustable. The innovative vent valve of the ONE'S S is designed with a particularly aesthetic and user-friendly design! Turn the valve to set the intensity of the vent.

All metal parts of the aluminium ONE'S S are made of pure precious aluminium with a V2A stainless steel core. Each version contains an elaborate surface finish and is subject to the highest quality control.

The metal parts of the stainless steel ONE'S S are made of the purest stainless steel V2A stainless steel. Both versions contain an elaborate surface refinement and are subject to the highest quality control.

Technical specifications:
  • Height: 59 cm
  • Width: 17 cm
  • Weight: 4.20 kg
  • 1x ONE'S S Base
  • 1x ONE'S S glassbowl + threaded ring
  • 1x ONE'S S smoke column
  • 1x ONE'S S plate 17 cm
  • 1x ONE'S S head adapter
  • 1x ONE'S S hose adapter
  • 1x ONE'S S hose valve
  • 1x ONE'S S mouthpiece
  • 1x ONE'S S hose, 150cm in matt gray
  • 1x ONE'S S valve
  • 1x ONE'S S dip tube
  • 1x ONE'S S hose rubber seal
  • 1x ONE'S S valve ball
  • 1x ONE'S S O-Ring, Base
  • 1x ONE'S S O-ring, head adapter
  • 1x ONE'S S Packaging

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