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Mason Shishaware Bowl - Gravyl Fossil White

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The GRAVYL is the complete opposite of the previous Mason heads: Subtle matt glaze, full of texture and dark tones throughout.

The Mason Shishaware - Gravyl is designed with a deep and wide depot. And that with a tobacco consumption of only 14-17 grams! It has engraved, deep patterns around the base that allow easy gripping between sessions and act like a heat sink so that it doesn't feel as hot to the touch. What is most exciting is that a new clay body has been developed for GRAVYL, which is made from highly mineral brown stone that offers high heat retention. This enables this hookah head to store heat like no other! High heat storage means long lasting, tasty sessions!

  • Head type: Phunnel
  • Suitable for: aluminum foil, HMD / Lotus
  • Tobacco deposit in grams: 15


  • High-quality Silicone Gasket Grip
  • Material: Silicone


This tray can also be used on any other standard-sized hookah bowls. Simply place it on top of your bowl and put your coals in there. It is a great replacement for aluminum foil and also acts as a wind guard for your charcoals. The Apple On Top Screen is made from stainless steel and a silicone leaf shaped handle.


  • The Apple On Top Provost II is the perfect accessory for your bowl. It sits on of your bowl and acts as a wind cover and heat management system. With the Provost you can cut your charcoal consumption in half and get much longer sessions out of your bowl. The Apple On Top Provost is made of quality materials such as stainless steel and silicone and is sturdily built to last.
  • Get the most out of your sessions and your charcoal with the Apple On Top Provost II.
  • The Provost consists of 2 pieces, the bottom tray and the top rotating mechanism.


  • Extra thick aluminium foil, one layer is enough to make a good setup.


Shaman Coal - Coconut Charcoal 1kg (26mm)

Shaman Coal is a world-famous producer of hookah charcoal, respected by professional hookah masters and consumers worldwide.

Since 2015, its product has expanded to 6/7 continents on the planet, and the image of a powerful and mystical Shaman has become synonymous with the word QUALITY.

Russia’s best Charcoal producer.


Heating and Handling hot charcoal bricks incorrectly can cause burns and fire hazards. For your safety and the safety of those around you, do not light charcoal with any petrol derivatives, and do not leave lit charcoal unattended in the presence of children. We recommend burning coals atop an electric stove, in an adequately ventilated space.

What you get:


  • 1x Bowl
  • 1x Grommet
  • 1x Tray


  • 1x Bowl
  • 1x Grommet
  • 1x AOT Heat management system


  • 1x Bowl
  • 1x Grommet
  • 1x AOT Heat management system
  • 1x Aluminium Foil
  • 1x Shaman Coconut Charcoal 1kg (26mm) (or similar 26mm coal)

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