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Khalil Mamoon Stripe Egyptian Hose

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Want to spruce up an otherwise dull hookah with a fancy new 100% washable hookah hose. Introducing the new Khalil Mamoon "Banded" Hookah Hose, a super long hose that's as easy to clean as it is to pull from!

Featuring a colorful handle and heel that has a white band wrapped tightly around it will fit on practically any hookah out there. It is Equipped with a removable acrylic mouthpiece, this hose has decorative tufts of fabric at the ends of the handle and heel instead of the "sweatband" style decoration. Classy and chic, the Banded Khalil Mamoon Hose lets you smoke in style. The tubing is very flexible and with a hose this long, you will be able to share your hookah with friends all over the room without fear of tipping your beautiful hookah over.
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