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Khalil Mamoon Cafe ICE Gold Hookah Set

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The new Khalil Mamoon Cafe ICE Gold Hookah Set comes with ICE Gold stem, Signature Hookah base, Laminate Hose and a Ceramic bowl. ICE Gold stem features a gold shaft with a golden "soccer ball" in the centre and a large ice chiller bucket at the top. Simply add some ice cubes to the bucket before you smoke and you will be rewarded with cooler puffs than you would get from a normal hookah pipe.

Classic Khalil Mamoon Signature Gold Striped Hookah base will fit all Large Egyptian Hookahs with correct grommet. The great thing about this base is the clear glass with metallic stripes. While smoking there will be a great contrast between the water and smoke.

These Khalil Mamoon hookah hoses are laminated for extra protection. They come in solid colors and have the Khalil Mamoon Logo in Arabic on the handle as well as a metal KM tag.

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