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Shishagear Heat Management Attachment

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The Firebug is characterized by the special shape of its support surface. In contrast to comparable heat managers, this one is not level. In contrast to The Block , this one has no grooves or bulges like the Kaloud Lotus . Instead there is a recess about 4cm deep. This is lined with an approx. 2mm wide, pronounced edge. The outermost HMS edge is a little behind.

The advantage in this form is that this Firebug can be used with many heads, regardless of whether they have an extra support edge for HMS or not. In the case of heads with a support rim, there is no need for aluminum foil at all. Due to the recess in the firebug, there is no full contact with the tobacco (distance setup), but the heat is released evenly through the holes in the base.

In the case of hookah heads without a support edge, the edge of the Firebug ensures that the HMS does not move or fall down as soon as the hookah is moved.

  • Height: 40mm
  • Diameter of the support surface: max. 60mm
  • Diameter recess in support surface: 40mm
  • Filling level: max. 27mm
  • Inner diameter: 37mm
  • Handle length: 25mm
  • Materials: aluminium and wood
  • Number of side air slots: 6 (adjustable)
  • Number of air holes in the floor: 16
  • An additional opening in the lid (not adjustable) to prevent heat build-up
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