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Kaloud Samsaris Argis Bowl - Aluminium

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NOTE: Please choose the correct bowl from the drop down options to fit your Kaloud Lotus

Coloured supplied is the Argis (Silver Colour)

Samsaris Vitria - High Heat Bowl

- Crafted with a high quality aluminum core that feature identical blades found in the Vitria glass bowl
- Increased start up time
- Designed to create a sealed placement of the Kaloud Lotus 2 with locking notches on the rim
- Ideal for fans of a higher heat   

The Kaloud Samsaris Vitria Aluminum Hookah Bowl

This Samsaris Vitria hookah bowl is back with a new design. This updated model is designed to be used with the Kaloud Lotus 1, 1+ and II (please choose the right option), thanks to the raised notches that interlock with the underside of you HMD. The silicone material is slightly thicker but still doesn't require a grommet for a snug fit atop any traditional hookah design.

It doesn't take long for this bowl to achieve a temperature ideal for big fluffy clouds and it holds onto that heat with a vice grip throughout your session. You'll use less charcoal with this bowl than you would with the glass counterpart. So if you're looking for some extra heat and clouds while using less charcoal, this is the bowl for you.



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