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Kaloud Lotus I and Alpaca LeRook Bowl

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The Kaloud Lotus I+ is the natural evolution of the Kaloud Lotus a Heat Management Device that was designed and engineered to regulate the transfer of heat from charcoal to Shisha. The Kaloud Lotus I+ also works to significantly reduce the ash, ultra-fine particles, and volatile gasses that pass from charcoal into Shisha. In doing so, the Kaloud Lotus I+ makes the clouds produced by the Shisha smoother, cleaner, tastier, longer-lasting and significantly less harmful.

The Kaloud Lotus I+ is a Patented work of art manufactured of the highest quality materials available using manufacturing technology typically reserved for the aerospace and medical industry.

Never preheat your Kaloud Lotus.

One of the most popular bowls for phunnel bowl fans is the Alpaca Rook bowl. The spacious interior and unique spire always produces great sessions with proper preparation.

The Rook bowl is great for foil users, but many smokers expressed their desire for a Kaloud Lotus compatible version. The Alpaca Bowl Company took the feedback and began playing with American clay to craft the LeRook bowl.

The spire of the LeRook is identical to its predecessor (Rook), and allows for an ease in airflow with 4 even cutouts so you don't miss a drop of flavor. You can still reap the benefits of a phunnel bowl and enjoy a leak free session as this bowl keeps the juice in the bowl for a longer session.

The 3.5" diameter is the perfect amount of space for a Kaloud Lotus and other heat management devices to sit snugly behind the raised lipped wall. Always remember to keep your air channels clear during your bowl preparation.

These bowls are handmade and sizes may vary.

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