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Hookatec Shishavac Hookah Preparation System (Eu)

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Shishavac is the ultimate hookah preparation system with built-in hookah charcoal burner (hookah stove), hookah starter and hookah hose cleaner all-in-one!

After years of development Hookatec proudly introduce Shishavac®, The World's First Hookah Preparation System and the ultimate companion for the hookah enthusiast.

By transforming interaction with a socio-cultural smoke, and refining the daunting tasks of hookah preparation, the Shishavac defines a revolution. Now with this simple device, your pleasure escapes to the purest level of hookah experience.

Whether you refer to it as a hookah, shisha, nargile, hubble-bubble or something else, the world over has one commonality when it comes to hookahs, which is the pain it can be to prepare. Shishavac is here to refine this process and does do by four basic functions.

This beautifully designed, multi-tasking machine allows you to effortlessly start your hookah in seconds, burn your best natural hookah coals, clean your hookah hose and dry your hookah's parts after washing.

The Shishavac conveniently integrates all these functions into a user friendly, instrumental household appliance. Refining a centuries-old cultural tradition, the Shishavac is a revolution, bringing technology into the hookah session to make it even better.  Try this once and you'll never want to setup the session without it!

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