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Hookatec Blazn Burner Infrared Hookah Charcoal Burner

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The Blazn Burner is the personal hookah charcoal burner that ignites any type of hookah charcoal Faster & Easier than ever before. Blazn Burner contains Blazn Infrared Heating Technology, proven superior in serving the most demanding hookah enthusiast.

The Blazn Burner has been intelligently engineered and expertly crafted to meet the demands of daily hookah enthusiasts that have every right to be able to enjoy the quality session provided by natural hookah charcoals that are typically difficult and messy to ignite. Coil stoves are slow, messy, ugly and short-lived. The Blazn Burner beats out coil stoves on every performance based comparison and generally lights any hookah charcoal 30-40% faster and over 60% more efficiently.

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