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Shishagear Hookah Starter Pro Save Your Breath

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Hookah Starter Pro is the safest, fastest, most effective way to start your hookah. Try it once and you will never go back to the bad taste of starting your hookah manually or the delays of using outdated and ineffective equipment. HOW IT WORKS: The Hookah Starter Pro draws away all that nasty charcoal taste quickly and easily. Using the Hookah Starter Pro could not be easier. Once you've placed the charcoal on your hookah head, simply flip the switch on the Hookah Starter Pro, insert your hookah hose, and let our technology do the rest. WHY YOU NEED IT Are you tired of enduring bad tastes or long waits as your hookah warms up? Solve these problems with the Hookah Starter Pro. Starting your hookah manually is not just unpleasant. It can actually expose you to harmful gases. But the Hookah Starter Pro will safely and effortlessly draw away these gases as it primes your hookah for hours of enjoyment. It works fast and you can begin enjoying your hookah immediately.
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