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HJ Wide Guage Harmony Hookah Bowl

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Tiger's Eye
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Heat Management
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Wide Gauger Harmony Hookah Bowl comes in a variety of colours, these are Harmony bowls made custom for a lounge that insists on a "wide gauge" inner opening. They are the same size as the regular Harmony bowl except for the inner diameter.

Wide Gauger Harmony Hookah Bowl has a nicely sized center spire that allows for great airflow quality, and this center spire will also prevent shisha juices from running down the spire and onto your hookah. This also serves the purpose of keeping your shisha nice and wet, increasing the life of the flavor and the longevity of each session.

This bowl is made in the US using American Clay by clay artisans, which is the same procedure and materials used for all HookahJohn hookah bowls.

Shisha Flavour Saver can also increase the cloud output of your hookah. This low tech solution has extended hookah sessions and reduced harshness with results similar to the other heat management systems like the Kaloud Lotus.

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