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HJ SAOCCA Hookah With Bohemian Base Set - Silver Black

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Hookah John presents to you the SAOCCA Hookah. NEW VERSION 2020.

New Stainless steel downstem.

New heart with 3 purging lines.

New diffuser style.

Gloss instead of matte.

The detail on these hookahs are something that we are very proud of.

The tray has raised pyramids that will help your coals breathe.

The patent pending purge is a series of 5 hidden slots that is just a fun feature.

The knurling effect throughout the stem body, hub, and bowl holder are beautiful for aesthetics.

The length of the stem from top to bottom is 24 inches. Once inserted into a base the exposed part, meaning the bottom of the hub to the top of the stem will be 14 inches over the height of your base. The thick tray is a whopping 11 inches wide.

They are machined from solid bar and tube.

Included with this stem and tray set will be 3 ball bearings. In addition there will be a bowl and stem grommet.

The SAOCCA Hookah will accept most hookah hoses, however, the Knurl hose will fit perfectly without the need for a hose grommet.

We hope you enjoy the SAOCCA Hookah as you add it to your collection.

Bundle Includes:

  • SAOCCA Hookah
  • Bohemian Crystal Base
  • Matching Knurl Hose
  • Hookah John Harmony Bowl (Picked at Random)
  • Overdozz 26mm Coconut Charcoal 1kg (or similar 26mm coal)
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