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Fumari Lemon Loaf Shisha Flavour (NEW)

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Lemon Loaf from Fumari is a bright, citrus-y lemon with an overt sweetness that you might find irresistible. Just like their other all star baked goods flavor "Blueberry Muffin," Lemon loaf delivers not only a sweet lemon freshness, but also a baked coffee cake undertone that gives the shisha a richer depth of flavor. This blonde leaf shisha has a mild nicotine content so you won't get tanked heavy nicotine buzz. The perfection of this flavor is baked in, and the ease of use of Fumari makes this flavor a sure thing for both hookah newbies as well as dedicated hookah pros.

  • Flavour - Lemon Loaf
  • Quantity - 100g

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