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Fumari Shisha Flavours 100g

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Summer Sorbetto - Cool down with a scoop of Summer Sorbetto's rich and sweet tropical flavor in your hookah bowl. It's summertime somewhere!

Banana Custard - Now here’s a dessert flavor that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Fumari’s Banana Custard combines the taste of ripe banana and creamy custard into a mouthwatering classic. What are you waiting for? Pack a bowl and go bananas.

Lemon Loaf - Lemon Loaf from Fumari is a bright, citrus-y lemon with an overt sweetness that you might find irresistible. Just like their other all star baked goods flavor "Blueberry Muffin," Lemon loaf delivers not only a sweet lemon freshness, but also a baked coffee cake undertone that gives the shisha a richer depth of flavor. This blonde leaf shisha has a mild nicotine content so you won't get tanked heavy nicotine buzz. The perfection of this flavor is baked in, and the ease of use of Fumari makes this flavor a sure thing for both hookah newbies as well as dedicated hookah pros.

Aloha Mango - An exotic flavour with a subtle, tangy sweetness, smoking Fumari’s Aloha Mango hookah tobacco is kind of like inhaling a tropical resort.

Caribean Colada - Caribbean Colada hookah tobacco will take your mind somewhere tropical with the refreshing flavors of vibrant pineapples blended with smooth, creamy coconuts. Hammock not included.

Purple Grape - The bold taste of flavor-packed concord grapes, with clouds that are fitting for a King.

Island Papaya - Island Papaya is a Fumari Original creation that takes you on a tropical vacation with every puff. It brings the exotic flavour of fresh papaya to life with a sweet, thick and delicious smoke that can't be beat.

Spiced Chai - Spiced Chai is a deliciously creamy blend of sweet, smooth vanilla with lots of spicy cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom.  Drink in the flavour with its fluffy clouds of smoke and its sweet and spicy aroma.

Mochaccino - Take a break with the full-bodied aroma of Fumari’s Mochaccino hookah tobacco. A bold, roasted coffee flavor with notes of rich, creamy cocoa on the exhale. The café is just a hookah bowl away.

Citrus Tea - The latest and greatest flavour in the Fumari lineup is a smooth, strong and satisfying blend of citrus fruits with black tea. It is bright and refreshing while having a soothing characteristic you know you can only get from breathing in the scent of a nice cup of tea.

Cinnamon Latte - Fumari Cinnamon Latte provides an intense aroma of cinnamon with the creaminess of coffee on your taste buds. This flavour gives you dense and feathery smoke with Shisha.

Blueberry Muffin - Blueberry Muffin is an Original Fumari Flavour that melts in your mouth with fresh-from-the-oven flavour. It tastes like our favorite breakfast pastry - buttery and bursting with blueberry flavour. You will enjoy big, delicious clouds of smoke with every puff.

Ambrosia - In Greek Mythology, Ambrosia was known as the nectar of the gods. It brought immortality to anyone lucky enough to drink it. We won't promise immortality, but our Ambrosia is worthy of gods and goddesses. You will love the sweet melon flavour and thick, delicious smoke Ambrosia delivers with every puff.

Tangelo - This hybrid citrus gives you a taste of California. A perfectly balanced blend of sweet tangerines with mildly tart grapefruits. Yeah, Tangelo is sounding good right about now.

Citrus Mint - Citrus Mint is an original Fumari flavour creation. That taste is a sweet citrus blend with a nice, refreshing kick of mint.

Mint - Mint is one of the classic flavour. This mint flavour gives you a great icy taste and very rich smoke.

Lemon Mint - Lemon Mint is an original Fumari flavour creation. The taste is not too minty, and not too lemony. Overall, it’s a great smoke and frequently a customer favorite.

Sweet Mint - Keep your cool, and smoke it too. Fumari Sweet Mint is a refreshing spearmint that comes on smooth and finishes sweet. Enjoy the long-lasting minty freshness with every breath.

Orange Cream - Orange Cream is an original Fumari flavour creation. The flavour will remind you of an orange creamsicle and it’s perfect for a Summer Hookah.

French Vanilla - French Vanilla has a mellow French Vanilla flavour. This one is great to use as a mix with other Fumari flavours to create your own unique blend.

Red Gummi Bear - If you're human, then you probably get excited each time you pick a red from a bag of gummies. We get the same excitement each time we pack a bowl of Red Gummi Bear. It's a wild cherry, with a hint of raspberry, and it reminds us of those irresistable red bears.

White Peach - White Peach is one of our most talked about flavours. And honestly, we can't blame‘em for talking about it. We love it too. White Peach has a bold, peachy flavour and a great, thick smoke.

Sour Cherry - Plump, tart cherries jam-packed with sweet, tantalizing flavor. The taste of Fumari's Sour Cherry hookah tobacco will leave you tongue-tied.

Mojito Mojo - It's been a while since we've introduced a new Fumari flavor and the summertime is perfect for this blend. Fumari Mojito Mojo combines fresh lime flavor with a Cuban rum spice to create a remarkable flavor experience.

Watermelon - Watermelon is an original Fumari flavour creation.  It tastes just like a watermelon jolly rancher. Fun to smell and fun to taste.

Guava - Guava is an original Fumari flavour creation. The guava taste is rich and tart. It also has a nice, thick smoke.

Mimosa - Mimosa is a Fumari Original that brings your favorite drink to life.  It's refreshing, tangy taste combines the flavours of champagne and orange juice in a thick and delicious smoke.  So good you can feel it bubbling in your mouth!

Mint Chocolate Chill - Mint Chocolate Chill will make your taste buds salivate at first whiff.  This flavour reminds us of mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

White Gummy Bear - With their tangy and sweet flavour, White Gummi Bears are the reigning kings of the Gummi World. Fumari’s White Gummi Bear is no exception. Its extraordinary citrusy pineapple flavour and huge clouds of smoke will send you to your happy place and sooth even your biggest sweet tooth.

Limoncello - Limoncello, the famous Italian liqueur, has been recreated as a delicious shisha. The flavour of a real Limoncello is a sweet lemon flavour, devoid of any bitter elements that are often present in a true lemon flavour. The best way to describe this flavour is as a Lemon drop or sweet lemonade. Definitely a must-try shisha flavour for Fumari fans!

Prickly Pear - Prickly Pear is an original Fumari flavour creation. Tastes like is cactus pear (aka prickly pear). The smoke’s flavour is smooth and fruity.

Nectarine - Nectarine is one of our lighter tasting flavours, but still has a little tang.

Tropical Punch - Tropical Punch is an original Fumari flavour creation. This flavour will remind you of a Hawaiian Punch fruit juice.

Double AppleDouble Apple is the most classic flavour. Double Apple is the apple flavour has a subtile hint of anise (like a black licorice). The smoke is nice and thick.

Mandarin Zest - Fumari’s Mandarin Zest is a powerful flavour that blends the delicious sweetness of a mandarin orange with a kick of tartness that will wake up your taste buds!  If you didn’t see the huge clouds of smoke, you would swear you just bit into a fresh mandarin orange!

Strawberry Jam - Strawberry Jam Hookah Tobacco is the classic taste of freshly picked strawberries crushed and sweetened into a classic fruit jam.

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