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El-Badia Celeste Crazy Hookah

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The El Badia Celeste Crazy Chicha is a renewal of the classic Celeste hookah from the El Badia brand. This shisha has a glass vase that has a "click" attachment to facilitate assembly of the shisha and to strengthen the seal. In addition, by installing the diffuser provided on the hookah, it will allow you to obtain a lighter draw. Without the diffuser on the hookah, you will be able to enjoy the symbolic draw of the Celeste hookah.

The Chicha El Badia Celeste Crazy is considered as much by beginners as by confirmed. This hookah maintains a sensational quality thanks to its different connector joints in order to keep the hookah waterproof and pleasant. This extravagantly looking shisha will not only be a unique decor but also the perfect shisha for your smoke clouds. The El Badia Celeste Crazy Chicha is even primed so that you can put an LED (not supplied) to make it even more beautiful.
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