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Dschinni Transformer Black Set + ProSmoke Vulcan

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You have ordered a hookah in the complete set and are very dissatisfied with your included head tube set? Then we have the perfect remedy for you in the highest quality! A stainless steel chimney made of genuine stainless steel (food-safe + rustproof). You can clearly feel the weight and the net, that really high quality material has been used. ( 304/4301 stainless steel 18/8 - 18% chromium content + 8% nickel content - no chromed sheet metal!)

In addition, you get a 100% pure silicone tube - that is, 100% food safe and no cheap silicone tube, which is partly mixed with other cheap plastics. That's why Dschinni have decided to produce only pure silicone Made in Germany, so that Dschinni can offer you only food-grade materials with the highest quality.

The Dschinni Nero stone head made of fireclay - who smoked his head schomal, knows about the perfect properties of the material, which is why the material is used in various procedures, especially in the catering industry. The head is handmade in Spain and convinces with its pleasant temperature and the unadulterated taste. The taste comes clean and unadulterated. Dschinni Nero ceramic head can be super clean because it absorbs no molasses. For your Dschinni fireclay head you also get a Dschinni seflex made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. You put the Dschinni seflex in the head, by doing so no tobacco falls through. The Dschinni Seflex also provides better heat distribution.

In most complete sets are cheap compression heads that are hollow inside and heat up the heat. This makes the tobacco too hot and starts to taste unpleasant.

Finally, you will receive a beautiful, ergonomic and anodized Dschinni aluminium mouthpiece ! It is dull, simple and noble. Since it is made of aluminium, it is thus very light, balanced and non-slip .

Pimp your bad buy with a new and the highest quality set on the market!

  • Material: 304/4301 Stainless steel 18/8 - 18% chromium content + 8% nickel content (absolutely suitable for food, rust-free, acid-resistant, dishwasher-safe, tasteless, use in the pharmaceutical industry and in medical technology)
  • Firebrick (handmade stone head from Spain, 4-hole head, partly marbled shiny, very heat-resistant !, no taste distortion),
  • 100% full silicone - Mady in Germany! (durable, food-safe, tasteless and tasteless, health-friendly, moisture-resistant, flexible)
  • Weight: 2.0 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Other: Dschinni logo
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