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Dschinni Stealth Bomber Classic Hookah

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Dschinni shishas uses high quality HORROR BOROSILICATE GLASS 3.3, which has a duty in the laboratory sector and is used in space research. Due to its thermal properties and other advantages, it is mandatory in the laboratory. Nobody uses such a high-quality and thick-walled glass of this material and in this quality. The washing out of the base with hot water after smoking should be a prerequisite for shisha hygiene products so that they can clean up all residues without a trace.

The glass is still well above the tolerance range of air bubbles, it can not be completely ruled out, but should still be in a reasonable frame, which also satisfies the stealth bomber with the best glass material on the market again terrific.

For stainless steel, of course, Dschinni do not use any cheap alloy and mark it under the generic term V2A, but classify it more precisely because Dschinni do not have to hide with a cheap stainless steel alloy. Dschinni use very high quality 304 stainless steel, which is reworked after the cutting and an excellent surface quality vorzweist.

The threads are also processed so finely that they slide into one another and do not hamper the function by chip residue or burr.

Of course, the Stealth Bomber got all sorts of excellent features, such as the Closed Chamber System, which was made by Dschinni and significantly improves smoking behavior. On the one hand, it reduces the volume of the base, which, in combination with the proportions of the dip tube and base, greatly simplifies the suit by reducing the volume and thus the distance to the water, resulting in a higher smoke density the hookah and then a nice white thick smoke while blowing.

On the other hand, the airflow through the vertical bore leads laminar into the base and the air flow when pure blow reaches deeper layers of the base without turbulence when breaking the dip tube or the base itself, the whole stale smoke completely out of the base Of course this is much more pleasant than inhaling the smoke.

While most people just use 18.8 cuts, Dschinni deliberately opted for a 14.5, because the smoking behavior is so much more coordinated and does not get any unpleasant. It is the perfect match of pulling and control of pulling, experienced smokers know the situation they pull and suddenly they have far too much smoke in the lungs. Dschinni spare the tobacco in this way too much draft and heat on the tobacco itself.

The further advantage of the cut is that Dschinni no longer need outdated seals that you sometimes lose, etc. You put the tail in the hose and put it almost like a magnetic closure, it sits tight and tight.

On the plate Dschinni have an 18th cut, which makes it easier to move on and off the plate easily and without major threading. The standardized grinding makes it possible to mount Dschinni's Molasse Catchers with an 18.8 cut or other decorative accessories such as the Skeleton etc.

Another advantage is the replacement of heads in case they do not taste or finish. Private or commercial, most of the shisha is then used in the kitchen to prepare or exchange. At the 18.8 disc cut of the Dschinni Stealth Bomber Dschinni simply take off the plate with the head and bring it to the appropriate place such as the kitchen or into the house and does not have to move away or wear the entire hookah.

The dip tube has a rundown diffuser that can be replaced if you want to bubble a classic smoking behavior with a lot. For this you can also use the dip tube extensions, which are equal to the water level otherwise you would have to fill water in the base without a diffuser, because you shorten the dip tube.

The diffuser lowers the background noise and is advantageous when watching movies or just want to talk a little quieter, also leads to a diffuser on the dip tube that the smoke is better cooled by the surface volume ratio and thus much smoother when smoking.

The Wasser wider stand is of course also greatly reduced, so that creates the impression that one smokes without resistance.

The Stealth Bomber is a mid-sized hookah that does well on both the floor and a table, it's easy to handle and compact but big enough not to lose its elegance. Your smoking behavior and handling have not made you the most popular stainless steel shisha for nothing.


Cleaning: The base can be cleaned with boiling water! This is due to our high borosilicate glass 3.3. We recommend adding a teaspoon of sour cream to the base and pour boiling water over it. Afterwards, please swirl vigorously and let rest overnight. Thoroughly rinse the next day and rid of residues.

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