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Dschinni Skyline Helix Hookah

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The Dschinni Skyline Helix is considered one of the most famous hookahs of the 21st century, which not only owes its futuristic look and graceful height.

Elegance and functionality are equally in focus here, while high-quality materials ensure longevity.

Dschinni set new standards in the field of glass hookahs with the "Skyline" model. Her reputation is a head of her, and not without reason. With its 697 mm height makes it an impressive appearance, without sacrificing elegance. The shapes and proportions reflect both the stability and the filigree processing.

One look is enough to see that the skyline has little or nothing to do with the appearance of conventional water pipes. This design and the special dimension of the components gives it the now ever popular smoking behavior. The low base volume ensures a smoking behavior that is second to none. To ensure a light, soft suit, the pipe was equipped with a shower head diffuser, which also dampens the typical blubber noise.

The skyline lives up to its name. With a height of 697 mm, it is one of the fraction of the larger water pipes. Like a skyscraper!

In order to do justice to the characteristics of the pipe, the decision was quickly made to use a high-quality, as well as special material. Borosilicate glass is predominantly used in the laboratory and is known for its high heat resistance and massiveness.

  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Height: 697 mm
  • Colour: Amber, Black, Blue, Green
  • Immersion tube: outer ground 34.4, inner ground: 29.2
  • Smoke column: Skyline Helix smoke column
  • Adaptor / Valves: Head adaptor 18.8, hose connection Cut: 18.8
  • 1x Base
  • 1x Hose connection
  • 1x Blow-out valve
  • 1x Dip tube
  • 1x Smoke column
  • 1x Glass cabbage plate
  • 1x Glass head adaptor including Head basket

Glass plate: The glass plate is of course heat resistant. It is advisable, however, not to turn off the coals for a long time on the glass plate. In cleaning processes or other uses, it can often come to shocks, which can cause the smallest cracks in the glass, which represent the vulnerability to heat and thus can cause the glass to burst. The glass plate serves only as an ash catcher or to knock the coals. We therefore point out and assume no liability for incorrect handling or other external influences. which we can not understand.

Cleaning: The base can be cleaned with boiling water! This is due to our high borosilicate glass 3.3. We recommend adding a teaspoon of sour cream to the base and pour boiling water over it. Afterwards, please swirl vigorously and let rest overnight. Thoroughly rinse the next day and rid of residues.

We recommend to clean the shisha regularly.
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