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Dschinni Firebrick Bowl Nero Purple Vulcan Pro

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Fireclay is a fireproof material that has special thermal properties, making it the ideal material for shisha heads.

The specific heat capacity is quite high at 1.00 kJ / (kg K).

High quality firebrick (higher application temperature) is characterized by the highest possible Al2O3 content. The material is used in tiled stoves, fireplaces and, for example, pizza stones.

Since the material has proven itself in many thermal processes, it is the ideal material for a shisha. The heat capacity and heat resistance ensure ideal heat management and a pleasant temperature in the head . It does not overheat as quickly as with normal stone heads and does not need as much heat as natural clay. Due to the glaze, the head does not absorb molasses and does not sift after a certain time . The taste is more defined and unadulterated by the material.

You have to test the difference yourself and see for yourself.

The Seflex hanging strainer from Dschinni is the perfect update for all clay heads with a chimney cap.

What is the Seflex and what can it do?

The Seflex is a stainless steel sieve insert, which you put in clay heads or even better in the Dschinni stone head.
  • Prevents clogging of the head holes
  • Prevents unnecessary leaves in the bowl
  • Full use of the tobacco also in the lower area
  • Faster smoking
  • Better heat transfer by extending the edge
The Vulcan fireplace attachment is known for its simple and safe head construction. In a nutshell: Especially for beginners, the Vulcan fireplace attachment offers an optimal introduction to the topic of shisha, although many advanced smokers swear by it.

  • Material: firebrick (fireproof material made of alumina and aluminum oxide, constant heat development and heat storage) marbled, shiny
  • Seflex: stainless steel (corrosion-resistant stainless steel, sieve for insertion in the clay head, no tobacco falls through, better heat distribution)
  • Fireplace attachment Vulcan: stainless steel (corrosion and heat resistant, low wear)
  • Weight: Nero: 230 g, Seflex: 11 g, fireplace attachment Vulcan: 120 g
  • Height: Nero: 89 mm, Seflex: 25 mm, fireplace attachment Vulcan: 108 mm
  • Dimensions: Nero: Outside diameter: 63 mm at the edge of the tobacco depot up to max. 71 mm, tobacco depot: inner diameter: 55 mm, depth: approx. 26 mm, connection head adapter: inner diameter: 23 mm, Sefex: outer edge: 60 mm, outside on the net: 53 mm, inside: 50 mm, inner diameter: 86 mm, Depth: approx. 10 mm, inner diameter max. 67 mm, conical
Box Includes:
  • 1x Dschinni chamotte head Nero
  • 1x Fireplace attachment Vulcan Air
  • 1x Seflex

You can easily wash Dschinni chamotte head with clear water.
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