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Dschinni Baba Crystal Hulk Hookah

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The name says it all, if you call yourself a hookah lover and don't know this hookah, you have to live under a rock.

The Baba is one of the most famous hookahs of Dschinni field. It perfectly represents Dschinnis company philosophy. Modernise old traditional shapes and functions completely and bring them up to date in a quality manner. The result of this, is this beautiful and graceful hookah that makes hookah hearts beat faster. Elegance meets quality and this with an unbelievable smoking behaviour.

For the glass Dschinni only use High Borosilicate Glass 3.3, i.e. Dschinni use the best glass. Those who are familiar with glass know what that means and Dschinni are unbeatable when it comes to prices. The glass is heat-resistant and extremely robust. Unlike other standard hookahs, you can clean the vase with boiling water. The glass is designed to with stand this. The owners of a Dschinni hookah can only laugh at the warnings on other standard hookahs that say not to wash it out with boiling water. This glass is used mainly in space research and laboratories, and I don't think you need to add anything more.

High Borosilicate Glass is extremely difficult and complex to process, which makes the visuals of the Baba with its crystal shape in the vase and body all the more amazing and gives you an understanding of Dschinni production level, which makes the hookah and the brand unique. Dschinni are the only manufacturer to use such a manufacturing process with these shapes.

For stainless steel Dschinni only use high quality 304/4301 Stainless steel 18/8 - 18 % chrome + 8 % and therefore no cheap stainless steel alloys, which is why Dschinni don't just mark it as V2A, Dschinni don't have to hide behind a generic term.

The Dschinni Baba body is connected to the hookah with joints, this ensures a perfect fit with no shaking or leakage. On the upper part of the body sits a plate adapter with two spacer rings, which prevent the adapter from sitting too tightly on the body. However, you should make sure that you put your vase first on the head basket and then put this together with the plate and adapter on the body.

Dschinni have two vase adapters with different diameters, the sense and purpose of this system is obvious for every hookah smoker. The Baba is a hookah, which can be smoked with several people but also alone, i.e. Dschinni can design it so that Dschinni use small and large vases, depending on how Dschinni smoke. If Dschinni smoke alone Dschinni can screw the additional smaller vase adapters onto the larger ones. If you want to smoke with more than one person, i.e. 2-4 people, you obviously use a larger vase with a larger capacity and therefore a longer smoking time.

The Baba is a multi-person hookah and therefore has to meet certain criteria to be smokeable with several people, including a larger diameter at the various components through which the smoke must pass. The smallest diameter determines the total diameter of the hookah, so it doesn't matter if the immersion tube has a diameter of 12mm, if the hose adapter - who has almost always the smallest diameter - is smaller. This is why the Baba has a large volume of the smoke bodies (vase and body) and of course the diameters of the immersion tube and body are above average, which makes the airflow simply enormous if you smoke alone. But when you smoke with multiple hoses the sense behind this becomes more than clear. It is designed, that you don't 'steal' smoke of each other and the smoking behaviour becomes softer. You have to have a large volume to adapt to the smoking behaviour of a multi-hose hookah, but that doesn't mean that you can't smoke the hookah alone.

The hookah has 4 x 18.8 ground joint adapters as standard from the factory, which makes it easier to insert and remove the hoses and doesn't make the hookah look as inelegant as with other gaskets.

The immersion tube has a diffuser which has several functions. On the one hand, the diffuser reduces the noise and on the other hand, it improves the filtration and cooling of the smoke, which makes it more pleasant in the event of strong smoke generation.

If you want the typical hookah bubbling, you simply twist off the diffuser.

Due to its beautiful shape and glass design, the hookah is one of the most famous hookah in the world. It can also be used as a decoration in the living room, e.g. a beautiful figurine.

Dschinni have the upper joint of the body where only larger joints fit, i.e. you best buy the corresponding Dschinni Baba molasse catcher.

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