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Conceptic Steel Clear Shisha

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The Conceptic Design Shisha is a special water pipe that is particularly characterized by its simple, minimalist design. The column of smoke consists of several elements. The outer element is a carbon cylinder with incorporated shimmering metal fibers, which is framed in black anodized metal at the top and bottom. Inside it consists of a continuous tube made of stainless steel.

The black anodized coal plate has a diameter of 20 cm and impresses with its simple and purpose-built shape. The company name was stylishly engraved on the charcoal plate.

The rustproof immersion pipe of this water pipe is supplied by the manufacturer with a specially made diffuser, which reduces the volume of the shisha to a minimum. In addition, this diffuser can also be unscrewed.

The bowl with a height of approx. 27 cm is made of 6-7mm thick glass. To underline the design, the Shisha is available with a Clear Bowl (transparent) or a Purple Bowl (purple accents). The inside diameter of the neck is approx. 4.5 cm.

The supplied stainless steel mouthpiece with rubberized grip zone and the matt black silicone hose with black anti-kink spring frame the noble overall impression of this water pipe.

Become part of an elite community who call this noble Shisha their own and enjoy smoking with this exclusive piece of craftsmanship.

Box Includes:

  •     Conceptic design hookah
  •     Charcoal plate
  •     Head adapter
  •     Column of smoke
  •     Base (snap fastener)
  •     Hose adapter (plug-in)
  •     Blow-out valve (plug-in)
  •     Dip tube
  •     unscrewable diffuser
  •     Silicone hose
  •     Mouthpiece
  •     (Plug-in) glass bowl
  •     Valve ball
  •     Head gasket

Technical specifications

  •     Total height: approx. 65cm
  •     Bowl neck diameter: approx. 4.5 cm
  •     Height of glass: approx. 27 cm
  •     Material: stainless steel, polyethylene, carbon
  •     Made in Russia
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