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BS Concept Hookah

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The BS Hookah Concept is a very special Russian hookah from the young company BS Hookah. The idea behind the concept hookah is to combine innovative functions, unique design, the best materials and great workmanship in one hookah. The special futuristic design is the flagship of the shisha and a real feast for the eyes for every fan of unusual shapes.

Base and material
The hookah is made of high quality stainless steel and has a hose connection. A special feature is that you can turn the shisha on the base 360 ​​degrees without having to move the shisha. This makes it very easy to pass on the hose, even if the person is sitting opposite without turning the shisha. The base of the shisha is inserted into a plug-in bowl with a bowl seal. This is typical for Russian shishas and has the advantage that it is very easy to exchange different bowls, regardless of whether you just want a lot of variety and different bowls or if a bowl breaks.

Smoke column and blow-out system
The blow-out system is also very unique. When blowing out, the smoke escapes completely 360 degrees around the base through a small slot. In addition, the smoke column has two levels, each with two openings from which the smoke escapes when blowing out. Exactly the right thing for every fan of extraordinary smoke displays and beautiful blow-out valves. But what is special about the smoke column is not only the breathtaking exhaust system but also the futuristic and very unique design.

Charcoal plate
The carbon plate also has an unusual pentagonal design and also has a very helpful function. It has a notch on each corner which can be used as a tube holder. The mouthpiece is also perfectly matched for this, as it has a suitable notch and it fits very well into the device provided in the coal plate.

Last but not least there is a diffuser which is of course adjustable! A lot of slots are worked into the dip tube. By moving the diffuser sleeve, you can now set the diffuser effect very precisely, thanks to the many slots. From very light draft and quiet bubbling to somewhat tighter draft and louder bubbling, you can determine the ratio very precisely here.

Technical specifications
  • Total height: approx.63cm
  • Bowl neck diameter: approx.4.5cm
  • Height glass: approx.27cm
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Made in Russia
Box Includes:
  • BS Hookah Concept
  • Charcoal plate
  • Head adapter
  • Column of smoke
  • Base (plug lock)
  • Hose adapter (plug-in)
  • Dip tube
  • adjustable diffuser
  • Silicone hose
  • Mouthpiece
  • Handcut glass base
  • Head gasket
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