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Apple on Top Hookah Bowl Green

Heat Management
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Hookah Bowl of AppleOnTop is an innovative idea, aimed to revolutionizing Hookah smoking experience, taking you to a new plane of pleasure.

Its ingenious bowl design made to fit most all hookah, it’ll hold precious flavor down the stem, it holds in all of bowl taste and pulls through the spire in the middle. This allows the bowl pack to smoke longer, cooler and stay moist.

With its Stainless Steel coal tray both incorporated into one unit, designed to fit securely on bowls, the thin stainless steel transfers heat evenly without having direct contact to the actual flavour, it will protect your coal as well as focusing the heat into the bowl in any environment.

With a sizable wide tray allowing easy coal management and keeps the ashes from falling on the hookah. Users are able to easily remove the tray with either the help of tongs or carefully by its heat resistant side handle.

Please use tongs to handle the coal tray as this part can get extremely hot.

Cleaning is quick and easy, when finished simply hand wash with hot soapy water for quick clean up or in a dishwasher.

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