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Apple On Top Table-Top Shisha V.2 with Provost - Blue

Heat Management
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The new AOT TableTop Hookah Version 2.0 is made entirely of non shatter material such as acrylic, aluminum and silicone. The hassle-free design makes it a snap to put together, take apart and clean. The down-stem includes a built-in diffuser making your smoke quieter and more enjoyable. No additional grommets are required, simply pop in your favorite hose and you are ready to smoke. Here is the best part, the AOT TableTop comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. That's right! If you ever break this hookah simply send it back to AOT (AppleOnTop) and they will fix or replace it for you at no charge other than shipping fees. Available in four vibrant colours.

With a sizable wide tray allowing easy coal management and keeps the ashes from falling on the hookah. Users are able to easily remove the tray with either the help of tongs or carefully by its heat resistant side handle.

Please use tongs to handle the coal tray as this part can get extremely hot.

Cleaning is quick and easy, when finished simply hand wash with hot soapy water for quick clean up or in a dishwasher.

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