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Alchemist Shisha Flavours 100g

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KFC goes through an age-old curing process distinct to premium tobacco, using dark leaf burly tobacco, The Kentucky fire cured (KFC) line features slowly smoke infused tobacco in nontraditional curing barns, giving you a smoky and woody flavor accompanied by powerful aromas.

The Stout Formula uses premium cigar tobacco, known as "Sun Grown Dark Leaf Ligero Tobacco," that has undergone an extra fermentation process to give it a high nicotine concentration and a dark, rich flavour.

Sweet orange and tangerine meet tart acai berries and currant, add in some floral hibiscus and rose petals and a strong note of tobacco, and you have a shisha flavour you'll never forget! This wild shisha tobacco mix from Alchemist combines a wide variety of flavours, mixes them with the powerful tobacco notes from the cigar tobacco used in the Stout Formula line, and creates one heck of a flavour!

Pulling the strings of the gum flavoured shisha tobacco world are the ever-plotting Guminati. Through Alchemist's Stout Formula line they have created a crazy gum flavor that combines mint gum and bubblegum, with the sweet bubblegum present on inhale and the cool mint gum on the exhale.

Due to the scarcity of the featured tobacco, this exclusive line is produced in much smaller batches limiting the amount of annual production.

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