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Alchemist Professor Gumbledore Shisha Flavour 100g

The Original Formula is made from premium quality French grown tobacco leaves that are finely cut and aged in oak bourbon barrels to give them an incredible depth of flavor.

To the well organised mind, this shisha is but your next great adventure! This crazy gum flavour combines two vastly different kinds of chewing gum into one incredible flavour of shisha tobacco. Putting fresh spearmint gum and fruity pink bubble gum together may not seem like the best way to get gum flavours in a hookah session, but boy is it an amazing combo! They come together very  pleasantly, with the pink bubblegum being present largely on the inhale and the spearmint making itself known on the exhale, leaving a great cooling effect in your mouth.

  • Flavour: Professor Gumbledore (Original)
  • Size: 100g