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Aeon Intenso Base - Frozen Edge (with thread)

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The INTENSO bowls are handmade in Germany and differ visually from the regular AEON bowls. They are produced in a small edition. The INTENSO Bowls are treated with a patented process.

The original process was developed in cooperation with sommeliers in order to achieve a faster and more rounded development of aromas in the wine. After a test phase, AEON were also able to identify advantages of the Intenso glasses for the perception of smoking. Some flavours can taste a little more rounded, and different types of tobacco can have a more balanced effect. Due to the comparatively short effect time of the smoke in a bowl, one should not expect that all flavours will appear more effective. Results can also vary depending on setup, tobacco type, and flavour. For example, Aeon were able to determine that with some types of tobacco there is no noticeable difference, with others they have noticed a clear difference in taste compared to normal shisha bowls. Personal results may vary depending on taste.
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